Entrepreneurship Trend in Youth

By | January 27, 2023

Entrepreneurship is mostly ignored in developing countries where Youth put effort in getting College or university degrees and get a appropriate job so they can make bread and butter for their family. But in our discussion, we will analyse why entreprenurship is need of world to make a better place.

Entrepreneurship in common man words

Entrepreneurship is simply try to make a business that can solve the problems that the world is facing today. In this category, we can cover the street vendors to large scale entreprise that are trying to solve the problem. An entreprepreneur invest his money and take risk in market and the reward of which is fruit which is profit.

In Developed countries e.g. USA, UK, China, Germany etc Youth is more intrested in business and start ups. The reason of which is the environment and creativity that they have in their institutions. These institutes teach them how to tackle the market hurdles and also finance them, because they know One man can change the fate of a nation.

They have developed such shows where youth with creative ideas can pitch to investors and they invest in startups and fund and help out the young entrepreneur like Shark Tank.

Developed countries with approach to involve Youth in start ups have gained a lot. They have entrepreneurs who are helping the world e.g. Elon Musk, Bill Gates etc.

But such trend is not seen in developing countries, the reason of which is not that they are less creative or competitive, the factor which lacks is awareness and environment. Environment means ease of doing business but unfortunately they are facing corruption, law and order situation and moreover their Government is unsupportive.

Youth should work on acquiring new skills and creativity so that by reducing the problems of world they can make this olanet a better place to live.

An entrepreneur is a person whose life is devoted to make the Planet earth a beeter place to live.

If we look on African countries they are struggling for basic life needs, why? Is world out of basic facilities ? NO, not at all. They need education and awareness because their youth have potention to change their situation. They can only draw out of their problems if entrepreneurs born in them.

Ehsaan Ali

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