How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services? Best In 2023

By | October 10, 2022

Consumer services have become a hot career option over the last decade. The demand for skilled workers in this field continues to rise.

The BILS estimates that there could be 2.9 million jobs in this field by 2020. The numbers are expected to not change significantly over the next decade.

There is an opportunity for anyone who wants to work in consumer services. This will assist in determining which career is best for you.

Consumer services include activities such as customer service, retail sales, food preparation, transportation, health care, information technology support, and other similar positions. These occupations typically require some form of training or certification.

There are currently more than 2 million jobs in consumer services. According to BLS data, job openings for these positions are expected to increase at a faster rate than average wage growth through 2026.

What Are Consumer Services?

Consumer services are goods which are sold in private households instead of commercially. For a service, a number of items are necessary.

This group includes service providers, such as employees at companies; equipment such as cars; equipment, cash registers and electronic devices; physical structures such as buildings and offices; customer contacts; and individual service users.

Your customer service is dominated by various cases. This group includes services such as hotel business, insurance, travel, trains, education, health care, recreational activities, catering, tourist, finances, entertainment and house maintenance.

Which Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services?

There are many types of jobs in consumer services. Some common examples include customer service representatives, salespeople, and managers.

While the specific skills required for each job may vary, most jobs in consumer services require excellent communication, people, and problem-solving skills.

Here are the most common jobs available in consumer services:

Bank Teller

450k+ job offers are available to American banks. Bank Tellers perform several roles including greeting customers, processing customers’ transactions, and providing basic customer support.

Bank Tellers usually work for banks or credit unions. Number of employment opportunities in the retail sector varies according to the size of the organization and geographical location.

Usually larger organizations have more employment opportunities than smaller companies. Consumer service providers based within a metropolitan area generally have more opportunities than the ones based outside rural communities.

Technical Support Engineer

More than 333,000 job opportunities are available in the USA. Tech Support engineers offer support by phone, email and chat lines to customers.

It’s their job to solve customers’ problems, provide support for business products and training. Technical assistance engineers have to demonstrate strong problem solving skills.

Besides being excellent communicators, the students should be very confident in writing as well as verbally.

Technical Support Engineer positions are often offered in specialized consumer services industries. Many businesses have an endless need for qualified people to provide assistance.

Flight Attendant

110,000+ jobs are available across America. It is their responsibility as passengers to provide safe and secure transport to and from airports, as well as comfort and safety.

The staff should have long and irregular hours of service. The employees should be very knowledgeable about customer service. Aircraft attendants have different duties depending upon the airline and their roles.

The airline’s flight attendants must also have experience as customers. Some have no specific requirement Qualifications Requirable: Initially, you need to be under 18.

Customer Service Manager

A customer care manager provides customer service for a company that manages customer service operations every day.

They oversee customer support staff and ensure they provide exceptional customer support to their customers. They also develop policies and procedures that improve customer satisfaction. A

third party investigates and resolves customer complaints. Customer service managers normally work in offices although sometimes travel with customers for meetings. The most common part of the workforce works part-time or has flexible schedules.

Education. Consumer Services

One thing we could count upon to keep us consistent every hour was students. This may explain the rapid expansion of education consumers in recent years.

These companies also provide services for academic counseling and consulting on exams, refinanced student loans, and career education plans and careers planning.

You probably already know that this large market exists. The Education Industry offers many job opportunities. These occupations are common to all involve teaching pupils at different education levels.

Account Manager

A seasoned Account Manager manages and develops a strong relationship with clients. Their role is to ensure customer demands are met.

The job as a sales person consists of increasing revenue through the maintenance and expansion of existing client partnerships.

The roles of Account Managers differ depending on size and the type of firm. Qualification Required: For account management, the student needs to hold a BS degree or other relevant qualification.


The roles as host or hosts may vary primarily depending on the employment but there are common duties.

Hostesses usually greet their guests and place them at a table in dining halls and bars. Other duties include making reservations and answering phone calls. A key role of the host/hostesses is ensuring that every guest enjoys the best dining experience possible.


The duties of an office receptionist vary based upon the size of the company. Most receptionists however do the same tasks including answering phones, routing telephone messages and answering calls.

Occasionally a receptionist will have to schedule appointments and maintain calendars. Qualification Required. The receptionists need a college degree in any subject.

Leisure and Hospital Services

Leisure and hospitality service providers aim to enhance life quality and to provide a comfortable place to stay, food and recreational activities for people in particular contexts.

There are many jobs that provide income to many in this field. Leisure and hospitality is amongst America’s fastest growing markets. According to the Bureau’s forecast, the industry will grow faster than other industries over a decade.

How Much do Consumer Services Professionals Earn?

In the USA, consumer services professionals make the median annual wage of $35,909. Salary is varying based on job experience, education, and location.

Consumer support workers are paid on average $19 per hour whereas those who work below are paid a median of $12 each hour.

What Skills are Necessary to Find a Job in Consumer Services?

How does one find work in their career? Customer service is often important in the overall customer experience.

In addition, many businesses provide excellent customer service to set themselves apart and keep the customer satisfied. Customer Service is a key attribute in establishing yourself in a competitive market.

Developing good customer service capabilities is a prerequisite in the business environment. In addition, sales experience can help increase sales performance as well as improve customer service.

Tell me the best way to start a career in Consumer Services?

You can find many ways to get into consumer services in various fields. Many of us start our careers in customer service roles while many others may work for sales or marketing companies.

Whatever your education and experience there are a lot of job opening opportunities available in the fields.

If you want to get started in customer support you need to find a job with a company that you like. This will help you learn new techniques in a field of study.

Pros and Cons of Working As a Consumer Service Professional

Working in consumer service can be a great job. You will get to work with people, you’ll have the flexibility of your own schedule and you’ll get paid well. However, there are some disadvantages too.


  • High salary: As a consumer services agent, you will make an average of $57,000 per year. This is much higher than the national average for all positions and can be even more if you work in some of New York’s larger cities like New York City or Brooklyn.
  • Decent hours: You get 25 hours per week (with some exceptions) with no mandatory overtime required on weekends or holidays. The number of sick days that are allotted to each employee varies depending on where they’re located but most places give 120 days per year.

Good salary

  • $100,000 – $150,000
  • Benefits: Health care, dental and vision plans, and 401(k) match
  • Bonuses: The company can offer a bonus based on your performance or the company’s financials.

Decent hrs

  • Flexibility. You can work from home, take a day off if you need to, and even take days off for travel.
  • Pay is competitive and benefits are comprehensive, including health insurance for employees who work at least 50 hours per week (with varying options based on the specific job duties).

Not mandatory overtime

  • If you’re not required to work overtime, it’s up to you.
  • If you do decide to work overtime, it is paid at the same rate as your base salary. You can choose to take as much or as little time off as needed and there are no penalties for not working certain hours.

Good work-life balance.

  • Good work-life balance. You can choose to work from home or in an office, which means you have more flexibility with your schedule.
  • No mandatory overtime. Most consumer services jobs don’t require you to put in extra hours during the weekend or on holidays; some employers even offer flexible schedules so that employees can take care of family needs when they arise.

No dress code.

You can wear whatever you want in the office. Maybe even a suit, but if you feel like wearing jeans and a t-shirt, that’s okay too!

You can also leave your shoes at home and put on flip-flops or shorts if it feels more comfortable for you.

120 sick days per year.

You’re allowed to take 120 sick days per year.

What does this mean? It means that if you have a cold or flu, your employer will allow you to take time off work—but only if it’s within the 120-day limit. If not, then they’ll expect you back at once with no explanation needed.

This is one of the most important things about working in consumer services: if something happens to prevent you from coming to work (like being sick), there are consequences for that decision and how it affects others around you.


Another disadvantage of working in consumer services is that you will be paid a commission, but not much.

The only way to make a lot of money in this field is by selling products and services to people who are looking for a way to improve their quality of life. This means that if you work hard at it, then you can earn some decent money when selling your products or services to others.

However, most consumers don’t have time or money for expensive doctors’ visits because they don’t want them! So it’s up to the salesperson who wants us to do our best for them every day so we’ll get what we deserve out of this job (which isn’t much).

Consumer Services in the United States

America is a capitalist economy that faces an extremely competitive market. The US population was 334 million in 2022. Moreover, the country’s GDP is estimated at $22.2 billion annually.

The United States is also a host of world-renowned corporations like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and others. The services sector represents about 60% of the GDP of the country and is an integral sector of the economy.

The service industry encompasses various industries like healthcare and tourism.

Tell me the purpose of Consumer Services?

Consumer Services is the one to one interaction between the consumer making a purchase or a representative of the company, and they may also be called consumer services.

Consumer services are categories for customer service that include: aiding with product ordering or offering customers a variety of products.

What should be considered when looking for a job in Consumer Services?

It will help you find a job as a consumer services employee with the following information: Initially you will need excellent customer service skills. Having no good interpersonal abilities is the wrong job. It’ s all explained very well.


Many businesses use people near the workplace to reduce transportation expenses.

Skills And Qualifications

It is very important to learn and get an internship with a firm in consumer service. You must be knowledgeable on job search skills. It should be noted that the qualifications you possess must match those required in the job descriptions.

Work Environment

What is your view on the company’s policy regarding promotions? Do you think the company is gaining new customers? Does this company still have workers in retirement? Are there any career opportunities in our organisation? How does a person’s work load differ from other workers’? Are the tasks in your life too overwhelming?

Your Education Level

The higher a person has, the greater chance of getting into the profession. Those without an academic qualification still have a number of job opportunities in the region. Educating is helpful when looking for something more special.

Salary And Benefits

The most important aspects of choosing a job are the salary and the benefits. How Much Are Salaries? What are some ways to earn a yearly salary? Are employers liable for health care costs? Do employers treat their employees as their best friend? Is it advisable to go to the company to get a promotion? What is your salary for a holiday or vacation?

How Can I Find Consumer Services Jobs?

There are many websites and search engines to find consumer services jobs. Also you can contact with services comapnies directly.

Here are some popular websites where you are find consumer services jobs:

Top Comapnies Offering Consumer Services Jobs


Why do I want to work in Consumer Cervices?

There are lots of opportunities for career in consumer service. The main reason for this may be because of the potential of this field.

Is consumer services a good career path?

Consumer services are very flexible. You can earn a decent living either by working at home or working as free-lance. If you have no stress and want more time. Consumer services have many career options that are worth contemplating.

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